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NWO: Deshaun Watson suspension 'not enough'

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) ) The National Organization for Women criticized Thursday’s 11-game suspension and $5 million fine on Deshaun Watson, which the NFL and NFLPA agreed to, saying it was “far Not enough.” “The $5 million represents 2.1739% of Watson’s new $230 million contract with the Cleveland Browns, which The contract was negotiated after more than two dozen women accused the star athlete of sexual misconduct,” the advocacy group said in a statement. “It’s great to see behavioral assessment and therapy now recognized as best practice by the NFL, but they still have a lot to learn in math.”
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In addition to the $5 million fine, Deshaun Watson will lose $632,500 in salary this season due to an 11-game suspension. His base salary is $1,035,000 in 2022 before jumping to $46 million in the 2023 season. His $5 million fine equals 2.2 percent of his $230 million guaranteed contract.

Watson — accused of sexual assault and sexual misconduct by 25 different women in a civil lawsuit against him — was initially suspended six times by independent arbitrator Sue L. Robinson hosted games.

NFL appeals suspension and asks for at least one-year suspension, league and NFLPA resolve Thursday’s penalty.

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NFL has now announced resolution of #Browns a> QB Deshaun Watson

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Deshaun Watson must comply with the evaluation and treatment recommendations of a third-party behavioral specialist in order to recover. His reinstatement depends on his compliance with the treatment plan. If he does not comply, his reinstatement may be delayed, subject to further discipline

Now, this decision falls short of the mark. “Women need more than words and half-assedness. The culture of toxic masculinity within the NFL has to change — now,” its statement read. “This decision will not harm Deshaun Watson’s career and fortune – unlike the dozens of women he has already irreparably harmed. No, it’s not good enough.”

Watson has settled 23 of the 25 lawsuits against him, one of which was dismissed. Two independent grand juries in Texas also declined to pursue criminal charges.

In March, he was traded to the Browns and signed a fully guaranteed five-year, 2.3 billion dollar contract. The Browns arranged his contract to include a base salary of just $1 million in 2022, which many critics see as an attempt by the team to help mitigate as much of the potential financial impact of the suspension as possible. Joe Banner @JoeBanner13

The worst part Browns did was not to sign Watson, but to agree to a contract that helped him ease Even avoiding almost any financial fallout from the NFL. Who did it with 22 more charges. I don’t agree to sign him, but it’s worse

NBC Sports’ Peter King reports the following after the March deal was signed:

” Jimmy and Dee Haslam. Not the most popular guys in Sunday’s league meeting. I heard a lot of complaints from people who thought a) traded six picks for A player who could be convicted of a heinous crime, or b) sign Watson to the most lucrative guaranteed contract in league history and give him an $80 million raise, which, as one team executive put it, ‘Stinky’. Haslam has to know this is coming, and now that they’ve traded and signed Watson, it’s not going away.”

On Thursday, Watson was torn between remorse and insistence that he did nothing wrong, a somewhat ambivalent kind of practice. Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

Deshaun Watson statement:

He told reporters: “I will continue Stand up to my innocence, just because you know the settlement, that something like this happens doesn’t mean a person is guilty of anything.” “I feel like a person has an opportunity to stand up for their innocence and prove it, we prove it legally Get over that and move on as an individual and as an individual.” As for why he’s making a public statement if he feels he’s innocent In the apology, Watson responded: “To everyone affected by this situation. There are a lot of people who are triggered.”
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Signing this settlement agreement simply means that Watson is ending legal proceedings. This has nothing to do with a guilty plea.

Someone close to him shared with me today that he regrets putting himself in this position. “This is not an admission or apology to the woman involved”

“We respect his opinion,” Browns co-owner Dee Haslam when asked about Watson’s innocence tell reporters. “I do think DeShawn learns more about himself in the counseling.” The process of punishing enough remains a hotbed topic around the NFL.



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