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NWSL playoff pics, standings, tiebreaker: San Diego makes playoffs while Chicago holds on

The 2022 NWSL regular season continues as several teams enter the final third of the schedule. As the year drew to a close, the picture of the playoffs began to take shape. Some teams are already in the top half of the standings, while others are eyeing the playoffs. The leaderboard may change again as the NWSL action continues this weekend. Fans can watch NWSL games on Paramount+.

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The top six teams will advance to the playoffs, and the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds will serve as hosts in a first-round bye in the semifinals. The third and fourth seeds will face the fifth and sixth seeds in the quarterfinals, with the winners vying for a place in the 2022 NWSL Championship finals in the semifinals.

Let’s take a look at the standings, possible playoff scenarios, and which teams are on the brink of elimination:

League standings


    Portland Thorns (28 points)

–Playoff Ranking

2. Houston Dash (28 points) –Playoff Qualification

3. San Diego Waves FC (25 points) — playoff qualification

4. Kansas City Trend (25 Points) –Qualification for playoffs

5. OL Reign (24 points) –Playoff Qualification

6. Chicago Red Stars (23 points) –Playoff Qualification

7. Angel City FC (21 Points) — Look Out

8. Orlando Pride (18 points) –outside-in Watch

9. Racing Louisville FC (14 points) –LONG SCORE

10. Spirit of Washington (12 points) –Lifeline

11. NJ/NY Gotham FC (12 points) — Lifeline

12. North Carolina Courage (10 POINTS) –LIFELINE

NOTE: The tiebreaker is first determined by the regular season Goal Difference, then Total Wins, then Goals. Teams have seven possible tiebreaker scenarios, listed in order

  1. The goal difference is greater throughout the regular season (for all teams, not just the tie).
    1. Total wins throughout the regular season Most games (against all teams, not just draws).

      1. Most goals scored in the entire regular season (against all teams, not just a draw).

      2. tied between teams Head-to-head results (total points).

        tied for the team Head-to-head scores are the most.

      3. accumulated throughout the regular season Discipline points are the least (against all teams, not just draws).
        1. coin toss (if both teams tied) or draw (if three or more teams are tied).

          Check info

          Let’s take a look at this weekend’s games:

          August 19 Friday

      4. Kansas City vs. Angel City FC, 8pm ET (CBS Sports Network)
      5. Saturday, August 20

      6. NJ/NY Gotham vs. Orlando, 7pm ET (Paramount+)
        • North Carolina Valor vs. Chicago Red Stars, 7pm ET (Twitch)
        10pm ET vs. Houston Dash (Twitch)

    2. Possible playoff matchups

      Here are the last pictures of the playoffs as the season continues this weekend:

      • Do not. 1 Portland Thorns FC – Semi-Final Goodbye
      • No. 2 Houston Sprint Showdown Semifinals No. 3 San Diego Wave FC vs. No. 6 Chicago Red Stars No. 4 Kansas City Current vs. No. 5 OL Reign

        Portland The Thorns are unbeaten in 11 games

        1. Portland Thorns (28 points: 7-1-7)

        • Possible first-round matchup:
            will win half The final and the host’s goodbye to the quarterfinal champions at Providence Park.

        • The Thorns are as they continue to spend Over the course of the second half of the season, they were incredible. The team has seven games remaining on the schedule and is also currently in contention for the 2022 NWSL Shield. Striker Sofia Smith has 11 MVP-level seasons at the club, tied with Alex Morgan for most goals so far this season.

          Houston Dash Climbing Table

          2. Houston Dash (28 points: 8-4-4)

          • Ties:
              Points vs. Portland Same, but ranked second for the first tiebreaker with greater goal difference throughout the regular season.

      Possible first-round matchup: Bye semifinals and host quarterfinal winners at PNC Stadium.

      The Dash won again against Gotham on Wednesday, but ultimately didn’t shake the top spot as Thorns had a goal-poor tiebreaker. If Dash can pull off Saturday’s game against San Diego Wave FC, they do have a chance to jump up the standings.

      San Diego Wave FC slips to third place

      3. San Diego Waves (25 points: 7-5-4)

      Possible first-round matchup: vs. 6 Chicago Red Stars

    The Wave in the A game that was excellent for half of their season, but slipped in the standings after inconsistent results from their last five games. The club still has the ability to make the playoffs, which would be the first achievement of an expansion team in the league’s first year. The team is currently in a two-game losing streak, with one win in its past five and looking to bounce back against Houston this weekend.

    Kansas City current continues to roll

    4. Kansas City Current (25 points: 7-4-4)

    • Ties: Same points as San Diego Waves, but ranked Fourth earned the spot due to a larger goal difference in the first tie in the regular season.
        Possible first-round matchup: vs . No. 5 OL Reign
    • Currently have been stretched their unbeaten streak to 10 games in impressive form over the past few weeks, having won 5 of their previous 6 games. Veteran midfielder Loo Rabonta has contributed 4 goals and 4 assists to the team’s success in midfield this season.

      OL Reign trying to make progress on the top half of the table

      5. OL Reign (24 points: 5-1-3)

      • Possible first-round matchup: vs. No. 4 Kansas City Current
      • OL Reign has managed to get back to the top half of the standings in the second half of the season. The team’s inclusion of Canada international Jordyn Huitema and USWNT veteran Tobin Heath in a series of trades could propel the team higher in the standings, but with six games remaining on the season, stability will is the key to the team.

        Red Stars hold on to sixth place

        6. Chicago Red Stars (23 Score: 6-4-5)

        • Potential first-round matchup: vs. No. 3 Santiago Po FC

            Red Stars aren’t the only team slipping in the standings, but they are the only one A team that could qualify for a playoff final spot with an already thin roster continued to suffer more injuries during the transfer window and showed no signs of front office moves.

            The team is weak at defensive back, with several players missing all season due to various injuries, including the most recent ankle injury to Allin Wright. The team’s top scorer, Mallory Pugh, is dealing with inflammation in his right knee, and the team could also face more trouble.

            Angel City FC, Orlando Pride Playoff Advance

            7 . Angel City FC (21 points: 6-5-3)

            • Playoff Perspective: Only one playoff spot left One spot, two points behind what could be sixth, and the Red Stars hold on to their first tie in goal tally throughout the regular season.
            • The team has 8 remaining in the first season game, the club also has a chance to make history as an expansion team if they make the playoffs in their first season. The team failed to fully establish themselves in the second half of the season, with inconsistent results.

              8. Orlando Pride(18 points: 4-5-6)

                  Playoff perspective:

            Two points shy of final playoff spot, five points off a possible sixth spot, Angel City and Chicago Red Stars hold first tiebreaker in goals .

        • Under current interim head coach Seb Hines, the team Unbeaten in six straight games. The club has also made some recent moves to add to their front and back line, with deals with the Houston Sprint and OL Reign respectively, acquisitions of Haley Hanson and Ally Watt.

          Edge of elimination

          9. Racing Louisville FC (14 points: 2-6-8)

          The car has a mix of veteran players and a young core, maybe with one eye on the standings and the other Eyes on next season. The club has been active in the trade window with a three-step deal for second- and fourth-round picks in the 2023 NWSL draft, two international roster spots, $375,000 in allocations, and most recently the signing of China international Wang Shuang.

          10. Washington Spirit (12 points: 1-6-9)

          The 2021 defending champs struggled throughout the regular season with nine draws and only one win to show their troubles. The team also doesn’t have time for a realistic playoff push, with only six games remaining on their schedule.

          11. NJ/NY Gotham FC (12 pts: 4-10-0)

          Team recently named Hue Menzies as interim head coach, fires former head coach Coach Scott Parkinson. The team has eight games remaining on the season but is currently on a five-game losing streak.

          12. North Carolina Courage (10:2-6-4)

          Team fails regular season after winning 2022 Challenge Cup , and have been at or near the bottom for most of their season. The team has bright spots in first-year NWSL players Kerolin and Diana Ordoñez, but is currently without a win in its last six games. They are the only club with ten games remaining this season.



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