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NXIVM co-founders Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman return to HBO's 'The Oath, Part II' trailer

The Oath is returning with a six-episode second season, promising a rare viewing of The innermost circle of NXIVM founder Keith Raniere, including co-founder Nancy Salzman.

“My whole company is devastated, my whole life is shattering,” NXIVM president and co-founder of Raniere Saltzman said in the trailer ( below), the trailer also includes Raniere speaking in prison. “When it comes to this, I think Keith is innocent. I was wrong,” Saltzman told the film’s producers.

The oath, part two begins with Raniere’s trial and ends with the verdict. The follow-up directed by Jehane Noujaim will premiere in October , weekly on

A lot has happened in two years Vow for the first time exposing NXIVM to a mainstream audience.

NXIVM, the company masquerading as a self-help group, is actually running a secret sex cult and its leader Lanier is the subject of a nine-episode HBO documentary aired in Autumn. The blockbuster documentary series was critically acclaimed, gave insiders and former members of the NXIVM cult wide-ranging access, and became a cable television hit.

The series with the federal trial of Raniere and ended in October 1000, A week after the finale of The Oath , Raniere was sentenced to 000 jailed for years after he was found guilty of seven felonies related to a sex cult within NXIVM .

The oath helped expose the sex cult group, A division called DOS (“Dominus Obsequious Sororium”), which involved female NXIVM members who were physically branded with Raniere’s initials, brainwashed and forced into sex slavery , and other abusive conditions.



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