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NYC program helps 2,300 low-income workers find trade careers

Dive Introduction:

  • A new program will help 2,300 low-income workers find new jobs in New York City’s construction industry.
  • NYC’s Pathways to Industrial and Construction Careers Will Help Job Seekers All stages of employment include recruitment and training, job placement, retention and promotion. The initiative is designed to place workers in high-paying and/or unionized jobs, such as merchants, construction project managers, diesel mechanics or general utility workers, According to press release from New York Mayor Eric Adams.
  • A grant of $18.6 million will fund the project. It came from the U.S. Economic Development Agency in response to the winning proposal for the Good Jobs Challenge under the 2021 American Rescue Program Act.

Dive Insights:

PINCC will be exclusively for participants interested in careers in construction and industry.

“This is a dynamic workforce development The new approach, a major shift from the way job seekers and employers were previously served,” Adams said in announcing the program. “This isn’t just a program — we’re applying the same philosophy to revolutionize our approach to talent development in New York City, signing an executive order to simplify the work of the nearly two dozen city agencies and offices that manage these programs. “

In 2020, New York State has the No. The top four construction industries, but also the industry with the largest number of unemployed, According to the Office of the State Auditor . Much of the damage was caused by the pandemic.

Nevertheless, most companies employ employees Fewer than 20 people, and more than a quarter of employees earn more than $80,000 a year. “The construction industry provides stability in a variety of jobs careers and is always looking for qualified building managers and skilled tradesmen,” said Eric Macfarlane, First Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Department of Design and Construction. “We look forward to working with the Office of Talent and Workforce Development to develop a more holistic approach to guiding people to these opportunities for lucrative careers.”

Construction still faces a career gap, even as it added jobs this summer, including “Amazingly High” Growth of 32,000 hired workers in July. Meanwhile, job losses in construction have fallen, suggesting many jobs will remain vacant unless newcomers join the industry.



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