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Obakzukan!Anime will Nail Miya Rie as Toshihiko

The official website of the writer’s animation adaptation Saito Hiroshi

and The Obake Zukan monster picture book by Etsuyoshi Miyamoto was announced Wednesday, Rie Kugimiya as Minyan (with exclamation mark) in , New anime series of the franchise . Minyan appeared as Bonyan’s sister in the previous anime, and is placed below the head of the main character Hiroshi.

Yamashita Taiki also returns as Hiroshi.

The animation will be on TV TOKYO premiere) and its affiliate network on October 5th Oha-suta (Good Morning Studio) children’s variety show.

Naomi Iwata again in Directed TV animation Doujin work

. Shigenori Tanabe is back to write the script. 2020EGG FIRM is working on animation.

The series showcases various monsters and spirits, and Explains why they are afraid. Saitō and Miyamoto started the picture book series at 2020 and the latest volume was released in March goods.

The first TV animation on TV TOKYO of July2020 Oha-suta .

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