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Odeeh Berlin Fall 2024

“How much loudness is necessary in order to be remembered?” This is what designers Jörg Ehrlich and Otto Drögsler from Odeeh asked themselves before deciding not to do a show this season. And it was probably the best move, as each look was able to speak for itself and balance out the static nature of a picture. The two designers explored contrasts and juxtapositions, and placed a special emphasis on their greatest talent: uncompromisingly luxurious fabrics, all developed and produced exclusively for them in Lake Como, Italy.

Of course, working on such a collection, which approaches the boundaries of wearable maximalism, the question arises of when too much simply becomes too much. But this is also the thought that has brought customers to Odeeh for years, for an exploration of a constantly surprising aesthetic that needs to cool down before it can be understood and worn. Of course, Odeeh’s cuts have always been reliably wearable. Not minimalist, but rather reduced to the bare necessities of a specific garment (or even the fabric). They’re comparable to an ornate frame, which is special in terms of design, but would never steal the show from the painting itself.

The new collection, called The Bold Issue, read like a list of classics that gain their radiance through their interplay. Long dresses, slim-fit suits, straight trousers and flowing blouses intersected in numerous ways and created looks for many occasions. The Odeeh woman will probably wear them all, from the eclectic business look in denim or woolen jacquard to the flowy resort cocktail in high-tech duchess in silk and nylon. But maybe she just doesn’t know it yet.



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