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Official Steins;Gate Accessories Track World Lines

Tokyo-based fashion brand SuperGroupies has announced a new batch of accessories at its North American store on Tuesday. The collection includes watches, backpacks and wallets, all inspired by the time-traveling protagonist Rentaro Okabe. Uniquely, these products combine a futuristic aesthetic with a nod to the world line.

The watch displays different numbers according to the time. The front of the backpack is embossed depicting different world lines, an inner pocket that mimics the shape of the PhoneWave, and a metal plate that displays the different number 1. 190. The wallet includes a charm modeled after the Future Gadget Lab logo and one with gears, math formulas, a phone screen, and a mirror that reflects the end of the game Divergent figures.

Bookings open until October . The watch is priced in US dollars 190 and will ship in early April. Backpack sells for US$, long wallet sells for US$048596 . They will all ship in late February. All prices are pre-tax.


Source: SuperGroupies website, press release



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