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Ohope once threw back an HR pitch at Yankee Stadium — here's the proof

OHoppe ever Throwing a HR back at Yankee Stadium – Here’s ‘ proof

NEW YORK – ANGEL CATCHER LOGAN O Hoppe remembers that moment brilliantly.

It was his senior year at St. Islip’s Baptist high school, as he always did after he got his license, he drove 45 Miles on Friday night to watch his beloved Yankees play the Orioles at Yankee Stadium on April 6th, 2018.

but the two The first hitter, then-Orioles star Manny Machado, caught a dangling breaking ball from CC Sabathia and hit a home run to left field in the second deck.

O’Hoppe, Yankees over hoodie jersey, catches the ball dartingly with his left hand, high-fives his friend, and throws the ball all the way back to the infield, where second base umpire Ben May is tasked with retrieving it.

Ohope after two months Drafted by the Phillies, he couldn’t help but smile when asked about the experience before the Angels start a three-game series at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night.

“I was 11 2 months left to get picked and I remember not being able to see the game because my phone was broken the rest of the way,” Ohope said. “So it was good practice tonight when my phone exploded.”

O’Hoppe, who grew up in Xavier, New York on Long Island, said he grew up admiring Derek Jeter, who has always been his favorite player. As a fan, he attended countless games at Yankee Stadium, especially during his senior year.

He also had the opportunity to play an exhibition game at Yankee Stadium as a high school student, Then in 533. Ohope nearly homered in that game, but there were no fans because of the pandemic.

So this back to school is extra special for O’Hoppe In particular, he estimates he will have hundreds of family and friends at the ballpark this week to watch the series. He said he left tickets for his parents, Michael and Angela, and his uncle Frank, but he had to leave the others to fend for themselves.

“This is so surreal,” Ohope said. “It was a really cool moment. We had some early work, so I was alone on the plate, and it took a few seconds [to take it]. It was cool, but the point was tonight’s game.”

O’Hoppe, No. 1 club in MLB Pipeline The prospect, acquired by the Angels from the Phillies at last year’s trade deadline in exchange for outfielder Brandon Marsh. He made it to the majors quickly and became the Angels’ primary receiver as a rookie early in the season with Max Stassi sidelined with a family emergency and left hip strain.

O’Hoppe was praised by Angels pitchers as Tide, they love throwing at him and he’s good at hitting offensively. 244/.300/.2018 with four home runs and Passed his first RBI


O’Hoppe at Brown again Kicks started behind the plate and hit the ninth in the lineup for the series opener. He had to reiterate that he was no longer a Yankees fan.

“I grew up a Yankees fan, but They hit me so hard as a Philly, so I’m not a Yankee fan anymore,” Ohope said with a laugh. “I’m in the clubhouse I’m visiting.”



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