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Oi! Tonbo Anime’s Teaser Unveils Production Studios, TV Debut Next Spring

The official website for the anime of Ken Kawasaki and Yū Furusawa‘s (Hey! Tonbo) manga revealed a new teaser trailer and visual for the anime on Tuesday. The teaser reveals the anime’s spring 2024 television premiere, as well as the studio OLM on its animation production with SMDE for the CG animation.


The manga’s story begins with Igarashi, who was disqualified as a pro golfer after a certain “incident” and thus moves to Kagoshima Prefecture’s Tokara Islands to step out of the limelight. On these islands known as “Japan’s last unexplored wilderness,” he encounters a naive girl named Tonbo.

As it turns out, these supposedly unexplored islands have a homemade golf course, where Tonbo plays every day. She demonstrates genius-level prowess, playing every kind of shot with just one golf club, a 3-iron. Igarashi is amazed at Tonbo’s talent, even as he harbors doubts about her only using a 3-iron. Yet, hidden deep in Tonbo’s heart lies a painful, sad past ….

Story creator Kawasaki and artist Furusawa launched the manga in Weekly Golf Digest, a general-interest golfing magazine from Golf Digest Sha Co., Ltd., in August 2014. The manga’s 46th compiled book volume shipped on September 1.

Sources: anime’s website, Comic Natalie



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