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Olivia Rodrigo Answers 73 Questions for Vogue Magazine

How many questions do you have about August cover star Olivia Rodrigo? Vogue thought of 73 on a recent trip to a year-old singer-songwriter’s house – of course it all started when Rodrigo parked his car. (What more could you expect from the voice and mind behind “Driver’s License”?) After serving matcha, she scaled her current happiness level from one to -eight, not bad–and Vogue provided clues to her New Year’s resolution: to spend more time alone. like her!

For anyone hoping to hear an early demo of “Good 4 U” recorded in Rodrigo’s room, you’re in luck; she prompts on her phone, then discusses her Which celebrity would you like to meet (Robert De Niro, call her), her favorite road trip destination (Salt Lake City), and bespoke book recommendations (Patti Smith’s poems, personal) Smith’s own inscription; for a young What better gift could there be for a great musician? ). Her favorite Lorde song is “Liability”, her favorite Alanis Morissette song is “Not the Doctor”, she refuses to name her favorite song, but she will name her most listened to album of her life ( White-striped elephant , if you’re curious).

Soon after, it was time for a piano jam session and discussion of Rodrigo’s favorite bad habit (listening to true crime podcasts at home alone at night… oops! ). She then raved about McDonald’s oatmeal and In-N-Out (respect) Neapolitan milkshakes while making homemade banana bread, and revealed the dress she recently picked up at the Chloe Sevigny sample sale . Icons support icons!

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