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Olivia Rodrigo Revives a Polarizing Y2K Top

The 2000s are one of the most polarizing eras in fashion. The decade’s low-rise jeans and tube tops certainly make you feel something—whether you love it, or loathe it. If you fit into the latter category, you’re out of luck, given today’s crop of It Girls are not letting Y2K style fizzle out anytime soon. Singer Olivia Rodrigo, for one, is a frequent wearer of 2000s pieces, including a vintage wardrobe that’s full of authentic early-aughts pieces. And last night, after performing on Saturday Night Live in New York City, Rodrigo emerged for the after-party in yet another signature Y2K staple: The fuzzy top.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with the fuzzy top, it emerged in the 2000s and came in an array of bold, bright colors. Wearing a fuzzy top is like wearing a snuggly blanket or sweater—only, it’s short sleeved, and it’s usually paired with your best mini skirt. Last night, Rodrigo revived the look with her very own green, cropped V-neck version. To make it feel fresher and more current, however, she styled it with sleek black trousers, black platform heels, and an itty-bitty shoulder bag. (Perhaps a nod to her memorable cameo in SNL’s “Tiny Ass Bag” skit.)

Rodrigo’s whole look is a far cry from the brazen, in-your-face outfits of the 2000s: Her letting the fuzzy top be the focal point feels like just the right amount of statement. Consider it proof that the fuzzy top can look modern. Maybe it’s time to dust off yours from the era—if you’ve kept them, that is. What goes out of style, always comes back. 



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