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Olivia Rodrigo's Favorite Vintage Items From Chloë Sevigny's Wardrobe

A vintage piece is a prize in itself, but so could the second-hand sheet music in Chloë Sevigny’s wardrobe. In a recent Questions interview, Vogue cover star Olivia Rodrigo wore Put on a tartan mini dress and reveal it’s from Sevigny’s latest (and acclaimed) wardrobe cleanup.

“I already own the dress, the pics of her in it, have been on my Pinterest for years, and I’m actually able to get my hands on it,” says Rodrigo when asked about her Versace plaid dress. “I’m very lucky — it’s my most precious possession,” Sevigny posted on her Instagram Story — a miniskirt with black knee socks and high-heeled oxfords, over a turtleneck — And tagged Rodrigo to round out the moment. Despite Rodrigo’s choice of loafers, Rodrigo paid extra homage to Sevigny by embellishing the dress by pulling the socks down mid-calf.

by Liana Satenstein, ex- Vogue Organisation staff, “Auction of the Century” sees Sevigny collections with Vogue Contributing Editor Lynn Yaeger, Editor Mickey Boardman and Amazon Head Fashion Director Sally Singer Singer’s design. Used styling This

luxurious (and publicly endorsed by the likes of Rodrigo), the round fashion’s future looks bright.



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