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Olympic snowboarder Mark McMorris ready to stand on the podium again

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Mark McMorris is the epitome of cold, sitting next to me on the balcony of his hotel room overlooking Whith Le Blackcomb, Oakley Week: Background for the Summer Edition. The brand’s first sun-drenched iteration at its annual event brought athletes from around the world just to remind us why they’re so good at what they do. While saying someone like McMorris – a three-time Olympic bronze medalist – is “fine” at what he does, that doesn’t give the 28-year-old enough credit.

“I first skied when I was 5,” he says of his start. “I played all kinds of sports, and by the time I was 10, I started competing and taking it more seriously. By 16, I was competing and living a full life. So cool.”

But after all these years of standing sideways – snowboards, surfboards, skateboards, everything – McMorris Finally being able to realize when he has reached the point where he only works but doesn’t play. To avoid losing that level of joy in something he’s been in love with for over a decade, he stressed that downtime really matters.

“A lot of people would say they like [snowboarding] so much that there is no separation, But I think over time the line gets a little blurry,” he explained. “I live on a beach in California. I’m Canadian and I have a place here, but all my downtime is spent there, so I’m excited to be back in winter. I’m trying to completely separate myself to rekindle . You need to have a good balance or you’ll get stuck.”

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As for what motivates McMorris to get on and off skis, he wants to achieve one thing – after all his sporting career has said and did it ,”he told me. “I have a lot of respect for everyone and everything and I’m lucky to have such success in snowboarding, but I feel that with that comes the impact on other things. Yeah, I got it from racing Honor, but the status of the pros is still greatly improved.”

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He mentioned that professional athletes like Eric Koston, Kelly Slater and Tom Brady inspired him (who all managed to keep their careers as leaders in their fields) entrepreneurs and authority figures). But let’s not forget that McMorris is only 28 years old, nearly 20 years or so away from the man he looks up to in their lives. So when you’re already sitting on a title that doesn’t belong to anyone until you’re 30, what’s next? With such high ratings, what else could provide the same satisfaction?

For McMorris, it’s simple: “progress”.

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“I like the feeling that scares you,” he said, casually telling me he’d been riding the Alaska Range by helicopter recently . “It’s one of the most satisfying feelings when I give my all in a race – standing on the podium. It’s hard to stay at the top when the invite list is so small. Then Win it [X Games] again, 5th or whatever, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I still get this. Going to the Olympics and getting another medal, I’m still motivated in that sense. I Don’t want to slow down in the game. It’s fun when it’s done well.”

After getting a better idea of ​​who McMorris is, the snowboarder, yes, he goes on to list items — from skincare to his choices when it comes to dressing — that give us a better feel for McMorris , the laid-back, relatable guy from the Canadian Prairies.


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