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On Assignment: Inside Vogue World with Vogue Club

Inside, we were immediately welcomed into a Vogue World dream. All corners were filled with guests dressed in the best of British fashion from Alexander McQueen to David Koma!

Marc Brenner

And then THE finale! As if Annie Lennox taking the stage with “God Save the World” (making all the celebrities stand from their seats) wasn’t enough, The Supers walking out–as if straight from the September issue–caused uproar and was a moment for the fashion history books! I am still waking up from that magical Vogue World dream!

What did you wear?

I prepared for the soirée with a Caudalie mask, Peter Roth eye patches and gold hair accessories placed within my deconstructed braids. I wore an Ulla Johnson Runway Dress and a Headpiece and French Pins from my collection. I finished the look with Louboutin shoes and my lucky Chanel bag.

Did you meet any of the Vogue team?

I loved seeing familiar Vogue team faces and seeing them in action (Hi, Concetta!). I also had the opportunity to meet Anna Wintour after the show, which is the dream of any fashion lover!

What was your favorite moment of Vogue World?

I was mesmerized by the perfect balance of art and fashion on stage, a Vogue moment at its finest. Once Annie Lennox took the stage it was electric. The Supers walked out was the truest of fashion dreams! Seeing Naomi, Cindy, Christy and Linda close the show was breathtaking.

Who was your favorite celebrity sighting of the night?

It was a star studded night. After the show, at the chic Burberry Bar, I met the talented Nicola Coughlan and Charithra Chandran from Bridgerton. We had a good laugh after realizing we all went to catholic school with mutual memories reminiscent of Nicola’s Derry Girls show. I loved Nicola’s Harris Reed gown and headpiece and Charithra’s Emilia Wickstead sequined dress.

Thank you Vogue for an unforgettable night! Can’t wait to catch up with all my Vogue Club family soon!



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