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On-Gaku: Our Sound's Kenji Iwaisawa Director Hina is Beautiful anime film

entertainment news source Variety reported Friday that Kenji Iwaisawa was Directing a new animated film called Hina is Beautiful. The film will be shown at the Annecy Animation Festival at this year’s Cannes Film Market. The event will be held in May . All works that will be displayed in the showcase are works in progress. Oscar nominated screenwriter Komasa Oe (Drive My Car, ) is the screenwriter of the movie, Naoyuki Asano (, ) is the animation director and character designer . ongku_poster_main_20201030_web
Picture provided by GKIDS
Iwaisawa’s animated film is based on Hiroyuki Ohashi‘s “” manga. Ohashi announced the movie project at 350 and launched at Started a crowdfunding campaignMakuake website in July2018. The movie was released in Japan in January 2020. GKIDS released this movie in North America in December 2019, then released the movie on home video in March 2020.

This film won the grand prize at the 2019 Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF). The The film is in No. and 350 Noburou Oofuji Awards for the Annual Daily Film Awards at 2018. The film was also nominated for an Annie Award in the same year.

Source: Variety (John Hopewell, Pablo Sandoval)

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