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On the highs and chaotic lows of this year's Oscars

Screaming Banshees (from Inisherin), it’s Oscar nominations week, and there’s a lot of chatter about who gets snubbed (spoiler alert, that’s pretty much the entire population of Wakanda). The (hopefully) slapless Academy Awards are in March, so I’m just a few months away from my favorite night of the year: evening gowns, everywhere, at the same time.

There are two dressing camps at night. People tend to do old-fashioned Hollywood glam — Michelle Williams’ saffron yellow comes to mind immediately, as does pale blue Lupita — or opt for something more controversial (codenamed Unknown). Diluted, unabashed batshit) look – swan dress, head-to-toe Amex, Celine Dion flip-flop suit, Angelina Jolie’s right leg. It’s always a bit sad to see girls in fancy dress go away empty-handed, but so what? Rihanna’s Black Panther ditty was nominated for Best Song, so at least we’ll get a Fenty step and repeat. I’d also love to see co-nominated Lady Gaga in a vegan version of the meat dress, all oatmeal and tofu, but she tends to lean more toward Disney grown-ups when it comes to these Oscar riches.

etc. nom no noms. I haven’t seen all the movies, but that won’t stop me from giving you my hot takeaway; all opinions are deep, embarrassingly my own. Best photo was the crown jewel of the night and my favorite winner is still La La LandMoonlight. This year’s spread is wide and I have to say that The Triangle of Sadness sucks at me with its searing, funny, profound and childish takedown of capitalism. From Below Deck to Lord Movie Sink of the flies via mass vomiting fest is a hilarious romp that also manages to capture the sordid human dynamics at play around wealth, survival and, oddly enough, the value of diamonds and pretzel sticks. The Oscars are famously sanitized for their politeness – many past winners have glamorously portrayed Hollywood glamour – and since the favorite , we Haven’t enjoyed such cinematic filth yet. I encourage you to get dirty.

What else? The Fabelmans good cause it’s nice to see the origin of the guy who gave us Jurassic Park Stories and Jaws . For the first minutes, I don’t understand why Michelle Williams takes a backseat, the Suburban Mom part of , and then Her character kind of explodes into a supernova, and the rest of the movie revolves around her performance. Via Austin Butler, Elvis’ deep voice is anchor in a dizzying film, a port in a storm of quick editing. I’m only a third of the way through Blonde Trauma Feast, but if Ana de Armas is wearing a Kim Kardashian gown to the Oscars, it feels like some kind of red The rug does it justice. I wish I could help with character naming in Top Gun: Maverick because everyone is called Trigger or Cyclone or Brute like writers raid’70’s inspo cologne ad. Everything Everywhere All Once has the infamous lesbian sausage sequence – I wish I had more to say, but honestly what more do you want?



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