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On the Podcast: Anna Wintour on the September Issue, Her Work Ethic, and What Her Grandchildren Call Her

But there was a sort of, um, peculiar ritual that you had to go through back then, when you would present, uh, the issue to the number of executives… All of whom were men. And they were quite surprised, and I think not a little, um, nervous about the idea of having Naomi on that cover, but to me, there was absolutely no doubt. So, it’s a, a nice moment, to have her back on the September issue, in the company of, you know, great friends and collaborators… For her, and for us over many years.

And of course, September now is, is not just print… It’s so many other things as, as you both know.

Chioma Nnadi: Vogue World.

Anna Wintour: Yes.

Chloe Malle: [laughs]

Anna Wintour: Video, and, and digital, and podcasts,-

Chloe Malle: Podcasts.

Chioma Nnadi: Yes.

Anna Wintour: … and everything else that-

Chioma Nnadi: Yeah.

Anna Wintour: … makes up, uh, content in Vogue today.

But of course, you’re absolutely right, Chioma. We’re super excited about our second Vogue World, which is gonna take place in, in, in the UK. And, um, I think after the success of Vogue World here in New York, we wanted to live up to its name, and start to take it around the world.

And we were very anxious to support the performing arts in the UK, because they have had such devastating government cuts. That will take place in a theater, and it will be a tribute to theater, musicals, opera, dance, and everything else in-between. And of course, fashion, under the, under the guidance and directorship of the great Stephen Daldry.

Chioma Nnadi: And the net proceeds go to…

Anna Wintour: Yes. All the ticket sales and also, um, many very, very generous donations that have also been given to us, would… They will all go to support different arts communities.

Chioma Nnadi: That’s super exciting.

Chloe Malle: Anna, what’s your first fashion memory?

Anna Wintour: Well, I grew up in London at a time where, you know, fashion was breaking out in a way that it hadn’t before, and it became much more democratic and fun. It was, you know, the late ’60s, early ’70s. And I think the-



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