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On the podcast: Celebrity stylist Kate Young spills her secrets


in the last week After the extreme online hustle and bustle surrounding the fashion circus, Chioma and I sat down this week with uber-celebrity stylist Kate Young, who just got back from Paris, where she was shopping at Oscars Couture. She took her teenage son, Stellan, on a convenient vacation. I’m not every 14 year old who can sit front row at Chanel couture!

Young styles A group of Hollywood A-list stars, from Jennifer Lawrence to Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz. We asked her about the marathon awards season and the behind-the-scenes details of securing the best-dressed red carpet looks, from the intricacies of brand contracts to making sure gowns actually zip up. Young started her career as an assistant to Anna Wintour (she was interviewed wearing Tom Ford’s Gucci velvet pinstripe trousers, thanks for asking) and we heard about her transition from editorial look to celebrity.

I also asked Chioma to break down the drama behind The Cut’s Pyer Moss article, which questioned the Kerby Jean-Raymond brand’s possession since its debut a decade ago So much commitment, money and goodwill. Chioma discussed the complicated dynamics, but it was this week’s other news, the announcement of dates for Beyonce’s Renaissance tour, that got the Vogue staff most excited. The only thing that got me excited this week was Marie Kondo’s admission that since having her third child she’s “kind of given up” packing up and is now a mess, leaving this mom angry, outraged, and even at one point Some quarters were appalled by the case, as was my own defense. Are Moms Kon-ed? Or finally saw it. Listen to The Run Through with Vogue to find out!



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