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On the Podcast: Collina Strada, Oppenheimer-core, and the NYFW Calendar

Much has been written and said about New York-based label Collina Strada and its creative director and founder, Hillary Taymour (lots of it by this magazine). But for someone who has received as much press as Hillary has (and deservedly so), she’s remained something of a mystery. For that reason, when my Vogue Runway colleague Laia Garcia-Furtado and I joined The Run-Through this week as guest hosts, we thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce you to the Hillary behind the Collina, and to welcome her signature candor to the podcast.

In an effort to Vogue Runway-ify the pod, we wanted to give listeners a glimpse not only into the world of one of New York’s most popular independent fashion brands, but also into what it takes to build that world from scratch. We quizzed Hillary about her start in fashion, the challenges of sustainability, the importance of staying niche, and the impetus behind her idiosyncratic vision (hint: it has to do with her Saturn return). As a little bonus, Hillary told us about her upcoming Collina Strada monograph I Care A Lotta, I Wear Collina Strada, which she worked on with frequent collaborator Charlie Engman. Published by Rizzoli, it’s launching during this upcoming fashion month.



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