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On the street, in the studio, and at home with artist Jenny Holzer

Works by Concept Artists over the past four years Jenny Holzer has become indelibly associated with New York’s cityscape through its departure from street signs, electronic billboards and outdoor facades. But Holzer, perhaps best known for her incisive Truisms series (89-05), not just a political messenger or iconic. The polyhyphenated and self-described “Beauty Hound” is also a painter, engraver, architecture lover, and tech-obsessed—though she will humbly reject many of these descriptions. Working in a variety of media between public and private spaces and between language and image, Holzer demonstrates her fascination with the full sensory experience of contemporary life.

As Catherine Liu once observed in Artforum In doing so, Holzer “reconstructs a new sense organ around an internal visual apparatus: […] she conveys the difficulty of trying to live inside one’s skin in a culture that seeks to annihilate interiority.”



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