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On the Surprising Sadness of “Inheritance”

Please don’t tell anyone I cried when Logan Roy died. Just as we were about to set sail on the Connor and Willa, Forever

love boat – watching Gerri get preshot wearing a Klaus Nomi hat – Thomas Wambsgans called and said Logan The third season of NOT HBO’s successor suddenly descended into insane chaos. The show’s usual cliffhanger narrative master turn in its season finale — Kendall’s car crash, Kendall’s press conference, Tom’s deal with the devil — blew up the bloody gates in the third episode with the death of the patriarch. . Succession did it.

Logan Roy’s death makes sense theatrically: Succession literally means the name of the show. But en route to Matsson’s in PJ, the time-consuming task of finding a successor suddenly becomes harsh reality. Logan has been knocking on heaven’s door since the pilot – remember when Shiv pushed Marcia away on the stairs to see if he was still alive? —his health seemed to be the only thing he was vulnerable to. We saw this and were still shocked when it arrived via mobile. Not actually seeing the preamble to Logan’s death – the drama of breathlessness, the bathroom collapsing, the door being kicked open – meant we were all immediately plunged into the abyss of chaos sparked by Tom’s phone call. We found out with the kids, but like them, couldn’t quite grasp the truth of the matter. Roman’s denial is also our denial. I felt as underprepared for this as a lady with bangs prepares for her ATN screen test.

Listen carefully and you can hear Emmy dusting himself. For Tom. For Rome. For Shiv and Shiv’s ponytail. I prefer my Kendall to be a little less sober and a little less faux-happy. I love Kendall who gets dangerously close to the edge, Kendall who crashes the Italian wedding, throws the car into the lake and kills Kendall the waiter. This might be the only time I’m actively rooting for a relapse, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Kendall’s season. His road to redemption was not easy.

A lot of people say it’s a perfect episode, who am I to argue? Well, well… I do feel that Logan’s death has had a media strategy, especially given how many near-deaths he’s amassed since season 1 . Surely Waystar Royco has a London Bridge Action Plan à la Queen Lilibet? What is is broadcast media conglomerate, if not an organization that excels at tactical news releases? That’s my only complaint about this episode, other than they didn’t bother to get Connor to utter his own last rites (oops). I know Connor is an odd brother, but these four grew up in the same house and the same father , They are all in the same boat.



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