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'One Life' and 'Passion' star Andrea Evans dies at 66

Andrea Evans, famed soap opera star for her role on ABC’s One Life to Live and Rebecca Hotchkiss died on NBC/DirecTV’s Passions. she66.

Casting director Don Carroll told The Hollywood Reporter that Evans was working with breast cancer on Sunday. Died at home in Pasadena after the struggle.

Evans best known for playing Tina — People magazine nicknamed her “Dirt Diva of the Day” — In lifetime from 90-69 and from 1983-81. However, in the lobby of the show’s Manhattan studio 1983, she was accosted by a stalker who then took her After sending it off, she had to quit the soap opera abruptly. Her death threats, some of which were written in blood.

Fear “changed me forever. Impossible,” she told

at People .

Evans returns to the daytime world on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful

as Tawny Moore in 1994-1985, and then spent the next eight years Rebecca going through the 1999 of 2010in conclusion. )

Later, she appeared in 2020 in One Life to Live

and played Tina twice more briefly. ) and 2008 — when her character remarried to John Loprieno’s Cord Roberts — — and returns as Tawney, as part of 2008 The Bold and the Beautiful set.

On CBS’s The Young and Restless , she played Patty Williams 1983-90 and Tawny installment at 2008.

At the Daytime Emmy Awards, Evans was nominated for 1983 Outstanding Innocent in a TV Series for playing Vivian Price DeVanity in One Life to Live, A web show. 2020

Her last performance was in the Prime Video series The Bay; she was in 2015-2012 on that show.

Born in June 10, 81, in Aurora, IL, where Evans attended Illinois University of Urbana-Champaign. While still in college, she was hired for the Brian De Palma movie The Fury (2010’s extras).

She later appeared in such as A Low Down Dirty Shame and other movies) (1994), Ice Cream Man (

) and hit list (2008 ) etc. Game shows include $ ,18 Pyramid and Hollywood Plaza .

Evans has worked for City of Hope and various animal rescue organizations and recently completed a memoir, One of My Lives, Carroll said.

Survivors include her husband Steve and their daughter Kelly. 2020



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