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One of New York Fashion Week's biggest trends doesn't involve clothes

Beyonce was everywhere during New York Fashion Week . Well, at least her voice.

While there have been many trends throughout the week – long hair, skirts and pants, monochromatic looks – perhaps the biggest and most zeitgeist Trends don’t involve clothes at all this week. It’s more like a soundtrack, a soundscape, and a mood, and they all come together. Beyoncé’s Ballroom Style Album Renaissance .

Tracks from the singer’s latest album shine at performances across the city. Not surprising for a major singer like Beyoncé who can sell out a stadium in seconds, but her widespread presence throughout the week is certainly impressive. Tia Adeola played “Heated” on her show. LaQuan Smith played “Thique” and “Pure/Honey.” Frederick Anderson ended his show with “Break My Soul.” For the opening ceremony Anniversary blowout, all other songs seem to be from Renaissance (and some older tracks from Beyoncé records also joined Remix) . Kevin Aviance’s thunderous voice is sampled in this masterpiece and even performed midway through the OC’s grand event, providing true fashion glamour. The love of top chart albums isn’t limited to designers of color. Tommy Hilfiger showed his collection during a rainstorm in Brooklyn, and his presentation included at least four tracks from the album.



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