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One Piece ‒ Episode 1046

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One Piece?

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Sometimes I like its wealth of knowledge.

Sometimes I love its vast web of interconnected characters.

Sometimes I like it when the big guys shine.

It’s incredible that some of the best moments have been included after so many years its most basic elements. We’re approaching the series’ three-decade mark, and seeing Zoro slash with a machete and Sanji kick with fire remains a consistently riveting event.

Interlude 952 gave us fire kicks and swords of spades, and many more

Fan service throughout every cell. Except for a few shots of Hyogoro talking to other samurai (which is your pretty standard fare), almost every sequence is in 950 is dynamite. Fluid movements, blazing fire, and ground-shattering impact bring Onishima to life before your eyes, only to be destroyed by the bombastic Straw Hats. The one that really sold the whole episode was the Sanji and Zoro hub. I can simplify and summarize the events as “Sanji and Zoro fight the Queen and King” and while that’s technically correct, I think the episode is doing what it’s supposed to be doing, slowing down at this pivotal moment And put the spotlight on the straw hat for a moment. As much as I love all the new Wano characters, this is ultimately what I’m here for: Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates’ journey. I love the moments when Onigashima takes the time to let the core crew shine, and this episode was no exception.

In my opinion, seeing Zoro and Sanji arguing and having a huge fight The team attack is like hearing Luffy say “I’m going to be One Piece!” No matter how many times it happens, I jump out of my seat and get hyped every time – and I will for years to come.


Grant is the co-host of the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and the Super Senpai podcast.

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