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One Piece ‒ Episode 1047

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Interlude951 is ongoi Reliable entries in ng and arc. It has no real overt negatives to mention, although it does suffer from the following absolute tour de force 947. So it seems less in comparison, which isn’t entirely fair, but it’s also hard to avoid the fact that it’s down from a clear peak.

In terms of character focus, we got Spent quite a bit of time with some of the Red Scabbards. I’m certainly a Franky fan, so I enjoyed the time we had with him in this episode. It’s also a rare treat whenever we get some Franky and Nami interactions—they have a sibling dynamic that’s pretty funny to watch. All the Straw Hats believe in Luffy, but I like Franky’s nonchalant attitude about not hearing anything, because it shows that he’s not as vulnerable to sudden shocks as Nami and Usopp are.

Akazaya Nine shines for a moment throughout the episode too in this way. Dogstorm especially has a big moment fighting Jack, telling him when he starts making absolutely huge attacks. Rarely do you see a grim samurai dogman shouldering a heavy metal elephant using his trunk as leverage, but that’s baby. There are also some quick scenes with Raizo and Cat Viper, but since they don’t throw any elephants, they’re not as exciting.

Finally, I have to say that Brook brought Robin leaves the flames. I just want to say it should be me, not him! It’s nice to see these little straw hat interactions continue even when one party doesn’t know a conversation is taking place. Brooke’s joke about the cremation was hilarious – can’t complain about having a good laugh in it all.


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