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One Piece ‒ Episode 1048

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One Piece?

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Wano arc of

is a strong anime adaptation for most of its run and plot 953 is one of the best episodes yet.

Worth repeating, but when Wano is on, it it is true. There are so many characters, plots, battles, locations, etc., that it can take a lot of effort to sift through what’s going on; at times, this can lead to confusion or a lack of investment in sub-stories as they compete for time in the spotlight. Despite the plethora of existing and new actors, new characters are often introduced to the scene, making it difficult to connect with them.

None of these issues were noticeable on the Yamato. He’s been one of the most engaging and interesting characters throughout Wano’s arc, and he shines whenever the anime adapts parts of the story. It’s shocking when you consider that Yamato was only properly introduced into the manga during the actual Onijima Raid itself – again, Wano is a long arc.

Research Yamato’s past until this point. We look particularly closely at those early days after Auden’s death, and it’s heart-wrenching. Any time there’s child abuse, it’s ugly, and we get the extra mini-theme that runs through Wano, which is feeding people and children. Yamato was deprived of freedom and assistance, and was forced to live in a lonely cave with chains. Kaido isn’t winning any Father of the Year awards here. The time spent with Yamato was great, especially the exciting moments of reading Oden’s diaries, and the minimalist flashbacks.

It’s all covered with dynamite at last One section shows Yamato and Kaido resuming fighting. Once again, I have to hand over to Quan Toei The team delivered yet another highlight segment within the constraints of weekly TV production. It’s gorgeous, smooth, and well cared for. Even with zero investment, it’s hard not to be attracted by this last moment 952. I can’t wait to see the rest of this fight end in all its glory.


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