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One Piece ‒ Episode 1060

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episode958 Keep all the Kind of plot and setting, plenty of energy but not much real work.

If there is an episode direction and The cinematography elevates the material, this will be the episode 957.

As I mentioned last week , I don’t find Zoro’s story particularly appealing, at least compared to many other backstories. Zoro is a present tense character for me, and the less I know about his motivations the more interesting he is. In other words, I didn’t find the Kuina segment doing much for his character. Zoro has a very straightforward personality and archetype. His most endearing quality is less information rather than more. Whether it is getting lost after walking a dozen steps, or the mystery in the eyes and the jump of time, I think question marks are better than filled blanks.

but the episode 958 is so masterfully executed from the director’s point of view that it’s hard for me to sustain that view. Maybe it’s the animation that provides extra time that the manga doesn’t, or the nice little moments like the shot of the scarecrow behind Zoro holding the hilt of his sword, and the color play as he raises his sword again to prepare for battle. This is an incredible display of art where Toei

The team only made one episode around combat considerations. Add in the heartfelt moments between Zoro and Kuina, and it’s all incredible. It’s one of the best Wano episodes, and it’s all set and I’m eager to see what they have in store for us when it starts up again next week.


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