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One Piece anime won the ending song again after 17 years

SPOILER ALERT: The following videos in this article will refer to material from the anime that has not yet aired. On Saturday’s One Piece Day The animation had a very long opening theme song at the time. The trio Chilli Beans. The new ending theme song “Raise” will be sung. The new ending credits will debut on August 6, with a preview of a portion of the song during a live event. In addition, the event also revealed that SEKAI NO OWARI will sing the animation’s new opening theme song. In the video, the band indicated that a new song was coming, but it wasn’t finished yet. Earlier in the day, the stream also previewed a video of Luffy’s new fifth gear form. Episodes premiering in the new format will also air on August 6th. Tatsuya Nagamine directed the episode, animation directors Matsuda Midori and Saito Keita . ) The Wano Kingdom chapter of the anime debuted in July 2019 Source: Day 360 Live, Eiichiro Oda


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