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One Piece – Episode 1035

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Community Score: 4.2

Review an episode, e.g. Challenging as the distinction between adaptation and source material becomes very important.

In terms of adaptation, well done. The animation looks great and many of the most moving scenes are well shot and well executed. Even in the “normal” plot, the care and attention to the story Oda tells is evident (though what counts as a normal plot for the Sumo Arc is debatable). There’s nothing here, no corner cuts, and all the story beats are delivered with the weight one would expect.

When viewing this episode in the context of its source material, Problems will arise.

And it’s in a big, complicated story of large and complex arcs. will always be a world of infinite potential, but even The next few years seem to be more more distant than ever. No matter how many Oda drops are revealed – and they’ve been coming hot and heavy lately – he can’t help introducing more characters, more factions, and more islands. For better or worse, never a feeling is “locked” to its final trajectory. There is always more more .

The dichotomy between Akasaka Nine and Luffy/Kaido in this episode Make things happen crystal clear. Kinemon and the crew are ostensibly “supporting” characters or supporting roles for Kazuyuki, the longest arc, published in real-time for over four years, longer than some of the manga series themselves (and that doesn’t include Kinemon and Momo) Nosuke’s introduction in Punk Danger). This “side story” does look like a big meal, so much so that it’s already starting to take the luster from the (ostensibly) main story.

Is this what Oda intended? Does the Akazuka Nine’s drama — albeit dramatic — overshadow what the story’s protagonists are going through? It’s hard to say if this is a matter of intent or just fatigue from reading the version in real time. Is this a feature or a bug? One thing’s for sure: the drama between Kinemon and Kanjuro is powerful and moving, a whole sad story is told in full, and Luffy’s fight with Kaido was really interrupted by falling from the sky it.

Not quite sure what that feels like. Score:

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