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One Piece – Episode 1039

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Interlude is another very, very “harmonious” entry: in other words, there’s nothing wrong with it in and of itself, but your enjoyment of it largely depends on whether or not you’re happy with the person in focus.

As for myself, this episode dragged a bit. There are so many battles in so many locations, all at roughly the same emotional rhythm. Jinbei vs. Who’s Who vs. Sanji vs. Queen vs. Franky vs. Sasaki and Usopp vs… well, you get the idea. Any given scene in this episode has a % chance of causing Straw Hat Pirates to run down hallways and/or make faces at a strange monster man. That’s not to say any fights aren’t well done, or that they don’t play funny one-liners back and forth. The problem is that there are actually four of them happening at the same time (on top of all the other fights that take place on Onishima), and none of them really have time to grow or be different.

Ultimately, all four of the same scene end up in the same The place is over or less.

But there were some standout moments. Sanji’s actions against the Queen are very exciting when they are going on, and these fights are very vertical with Sanji’s airborne skills and the Queen’s long neck. It’s also nice to see Chopper as a doctor, because he’s the doctor on the ship after all. I do wish the scenes had more tension for them, though. Chopper is a fun little old man version of himself that’s funny, but doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on the scene. Zorro made his grand manifesto, but that’s only partially valid here – the giant crucifix body cast is great for comedy, but not for this more serious moment.

And all this is a long way to go in Wanoye Far away. Detain others. Score:

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