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One Piece Film Red tops No. 1 for 8th straight weekend, Delicious Party Precure film opens in No. 3

This The Japanese animation topped the Japanese box office for the eighth consecutive weekend. The movie won 318,16,530 JPY( About $2. million) from Friday By Sunday, sold 128, weekend tickets. The film sold . 10,000 tickets, accumulated ,635,358,450 Japanese Yen (approximately USD million).

The movie has overtaken Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki’s ’s

Animated film is both the 6th highest-grossing animated film in Japanese history and # The highest-grossing film in Japanese history.

Aug 6 opened in Japan. The film topped the Japanese box office during its opening weekend. Videos Sold 1. 11 10,000 tickets , earned 2.186 Billion Yen (Approx. USD 11 700,000) in the first two days. The movie won 60 % more than the last movie in the first two days open on Friday for the first three days ( instead of Opening Saturday). It has become the franchise the highest grossing, highest grossing film installment sold and earned at the box office day Yuan. It also surpassed

Top Gun: Maverick as the highest-grossing opening The movie is in Japan so far this year.

Crunchyroll will be in November On the 4th in the US and Canada, and on the 3rd in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, Crunchyroll Australia Expo will host its September subtitle premiere , followed by North America premiering in New York on October 6th (also the 1st New York Comic Con one day). The film centers on Shanks’ daughter, Uta. Kaori Nazuka is the spokesperson for Uta, while Ado is the character’s singing voice. Ado also sang the movie’s theme song “Shinjidai” (“New Genesis”). Taniguchi Goro (, Special) Director. Tsutomu Kuroiwa (, , , Live-Action) Script written, creator

Eiichiro Oda himself serves as the executive producer.

(The Movie: The Dreaming Child’s Lunch), for Animated Movie) Animated, opening Friday at #3. Movies Sold 282, Tickets and Earned 282,318,254 Yen (Approx. 2 USD. 16 million), before Three days sold 128, TICKETS AND EARN 78,69,500 Yen (Approx. 1 USD. 11 million) Saturday and Sunday days. Qiuwen Zhazi ( ) is directing this movie. Makoto Tanaka (, ) are scripting. Hitomi Matsuura () is designing characters and is also the lead animation director. Terada Shiho came back from TV anime to compose music. Mika Hironaka is an animation director. Watanabe Keito is the art director. Naomi Kiyota is a chroma key artist. Kenji Takahashi is the director of photography. Nomoto Moeha is singing the movie’s theme song “Yokosso, Oyoko ♡Dreamia” (Welcome to Child’s Dream ).

Isth and the latest() TV anime series, And premiered on

ABC , TV Asahi , 11 Other Auxiliary Desks February 6. The series will be in different subscription streaming services including Netflix,

Amazon Prime Video , and Hulu. Crunchyroll airs the series in Japan. The key word of the story is “Meals bring smiles”. Cookingdom is the mysterious realm responsible for all cuisines in our own world. The story begins with Recipe-Bon, where the recipe for each dish is recorded and stolen from Cookingdom. The culprit is the Bundoru gang, who aim to monopolize every dish for themselves. The energy fairies come to the “Oishii na Town” (Delicious City) in the Human World to find the Recipe-Bon, and they grant The power of the three girls transformed into Pre to heal the magical girl. Precure The girls stand up to the Bundoru gang and take back the recipe- Bon .

HiGH&LOW Worst X (pronounced “cross”), HiGH & LOW THE WORST The sequel to the crossover movie, Rose in the third Weekends from #7 to #6. The movie won 60,500,318 Japanese Yen (approximately USD 184843 ,635)), from Friday to Sunday, the cumulative gain 500,635,743 Yen (Approx. 4 USD. 16 Hundred Ten thousand).

The film was released on September 9.

The sequel brings back the cast of the first movie. EXILE HIRO is working on a sequel,Norihisa Hiranuma will be returning to the director, with Daisuke Ninomiya serving as the chief director. Suzumura Masaki is the action director, and Takashi Ouchi supervises the action. Masimoto Shoichiro , Watanabe Kei and Hiranuma are writing the script.



Newest Movie


, in the 4th weekend from #4 Down to #8. The movie won 28,69,282 Japanese Yen (approx. USD ,128) , from Friday to Sunday, accumulatively get ,47,850 Yen (Approx. 5 USD. million). The movie was at number 7 on its opening weekend. Movies Sold 78,367 Tickets and Earned 996 million yen (approx US$185636 ,367) for the first three days. The movie made about 28.16 million yen (approximately US dollars

,367) on the opening day of September 2, earning 051% better than the last movie in the


, , did it on the first day it opened in Japan in June 996.

The film was released on Friday and is 63 Cinemas across Japan. The film – described as part of a “new theatrical film series” – consists entirely of concert footage of the ST☆RISH idol group. Noriyasu Agematsu Again with Broccoli. Element Garden Composer,

A-1 Pictures made this movie. Shochiku is releasing a film.

The first two episodes of the TV anime Kaneshiro Soyuki and Nomura Yusuke ‘s football comic was No. 3 in Friday’s mini-theatre rankings.

The animation will be aired on

TV Asahi and its affiliates in the “NUMAnimation” programming block. Tetsuaki Watanabe () and Shunsuke Ishikawa 8-Bit Director animation as the assistant director. Taku Kishimoto (, , 2019 ) is overseeing and writing the series, and the manga’s Kinjo is overseeing the story. Toyo Uemura (director) is the concept consultant. Masaru Shindō (, , ) is the lead character designer and chief animation director, and Kenji Tanabe and Kento Toya are also character designers and lead Animation director. Murayama Jun is composing music. Nakamura Morigo will sing the anime ending theme song “Winner”. The series has appointed Takumi Minamino, who plays football for the Monaco and Japan national teams, as official ambassador and “honorary captain” . ”

Kinjo and Nomura in

launched the ongoing manga in August 996. The manga was published in Kodansha ‘s won the best boy Comic Awards Last year’s Manga of the Year Awards.

Source: Kōgyō Ts ūshin (link 2, link 3), comScore via KOFIC 187590




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