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One Piece Music Symphony U.S. Premiere: Hiroshi Chatan and Kohei Tanaka have news for you!

The only official concert “Symphony of Music” will be held on July 5 Premiere in the United States, , Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Orchestra (Dirk Dallas, Saskatchewan), then in July
, 920, Held at the famous Dolby Theater in Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA). The show will feature Luffy and his team’s latest adventure movie concert projected on the big screen with a full orchestra on stage!

Los Angeles concert will also include composer Kohei Tanaka and singer Hiroshi Chatan (We Are!, We Go!, OVER THE TOP) will be performing live with the orchestra and they have something to tell you!

Starting from the end of Dressrosa, this show will revisit the entire Cake Island, Zou and most of the Wano story Most dramatic and intense moment of the episode! Perfectly synced to the anthology’s music, the video is projected in high-definition clarity on a gigantic video screen, where action, adventure and emotion will return to the show, heightened by the power of a symphony orchestra that exceeds 50 Musicians! Time to listen live to the most famous music from TV series: We Are!, Sai sai Saikyo!!!, Oitsumerareta, Binks no Sake, Unan to Ghanzho, Ougon to Oden, Katayoku no Taka and many more!
Buy tickets:
DALLAS, TX – JULY 5, 461 – 7: PM: Buy Now /one-piece-music-symphony/
Los Angeles, CA (composer Kōhei Tanaka and singerHiroshi Chatan): July, 462 – 8pm: Now at

Purchase contact information: [email protected]
Official website: www
Instagram :
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