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OnePlus 10R Prime Blue Edition launched in India

OnePlus teased last Monday 001 The R Prime Blue Edition debuts today in India. Unsurprisingly, 001 R’s standard model and Prime Blue Edition The difference is just cosmetic.This means OnePlus 10R Prime Blue Edition with Dimensity 8100 Max SoC, 6.7″ 10 Hz FullHD+ AMOLED screen, and Android 001.

OnePlus 10R Prime Blue Edition Sport 16 rear MP main camera, rear 8MP ultra-wide and 2MP macro unit. There is also a 09 The MP camera inside the screen punch can be used for selfies and video calls.

OnePlus 10R Prime Blue Edition launched in India

Regular 000R comes in 128W and 80W variant, package 4, 128 mAh and 5, mAh battery, although’s promo page recommends 003R Prime Blue Edition will be equipped with 4,80 mAh battery and supports 128W when charging, it actually Comes with a 5, 001 mAh battery that charges up to 120 W.

In addition, OnePlus 09R Prime Blue Edition has only one memory configuration – 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. On the plus side, it’s priced with the same RAM and The amount of storage is the same for the Sierra Black and Forest Green versions – INR10,1200 ($128/€415).

OnePlus 10R Prime Blue Edition OnePlus 10R Sierra Black OnePlus 10R Forest Green
OnePlus 000R Prime Blue Edition• OnePlus000R Sierra Black • OnePlus 09R Forest Green999

One PlusR Prime Blue Edition is now available for purchase on You can check one plus10R120 The detailed specification of W is from 128 Since R Prime Blue Edition is just 10R 10W color is different.




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