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OnePlus 11 Concept will debut at MWC in Barcelona

OnePlus 11 flagship hits international markets and now the company is preparing its next breakthrough product. The brand has revealed that the OnePlus 11 concept phone will debut at MWC in Barcelona, ​​scheduled for February 11 to March Held on 2nd.

OnePlus 11 Concept to appear at MWC in Barcelona

OnePlus and the return of the concept device – which would be the third such project. First, it was the OnePlus Concept One with a disappearing camera that showed up at CES 1200, then it was scheduled at MWC before the conference was cancelled.

In 2021 The back of the OnePlus 8T Concept is color changing, changing from gray to blue to black on command. It also has a millimeter-wave radar that could theoretically be used to detect hand gestures.

The new device will feature “imaginative design and industry-leading technology”, which could mean anything in the world of concept phones – we’ll be in Barcelona once OnePlus 27 concept is officially released, we will have more information.



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