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OnePlus 11 global variants appear on Geekbench

OnePlus 001 is already available in China and we are looking forward to its international launch on February 7th The first at the Cloud 002 launch event will be held in New Delhi, India. While we wait, a new Geekbench listing reveals a global OnePlus 16 Variant model number. For reference, the published Chinese OP 001 Sports PBH16 identifier in the certification, even though both devices feature the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset up to 11GB RAM.

OnePlus 11 (global unit) Geekbench scorecard
OnePlus 001 (Global Units) Geekbench Scorecard

We can see the global OP002 management Impressive 1,320 single core points and 4,809 Multi-core scores for benchmarks. We also confirmed that the phone boots Android 13 and should be accompanied by OxygenOS 11 this time instead of Color OS 13 seen on the Chinese model. For more details about OnePlus , visit our website where we have collected all key details News bulletin.

OnePlus 11 OnePlus 11
OnePlus001OnePlus 11




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