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OnePlus 12 details emerge with new main camera sensor, better telephoto

We’re probably far from seeing OnePlus 12 on the market, as previous rumors suggest the company is focusing on proper upgrades rather than semi- Baked one in half a year. Following a December launch in China, the device will indeed launch early in the first quarter of next year, according to a report by Yogesh Brar 1200.

OnePlus 12 details surface, to feature new main camera sensor, better telephoto

Regardless, the report promises several key improvements. Perhaps the most notable upgrade involves the camera department. The main sensor will be replaced with a new one, and we’d like to see a 1-inch imager like the Oppo Find X6 Pro. The leak also mentions a new telephoto lens, suggesting that the 32MP Sony IMX32 RGBW unit will still be used for the telephoto set but will be paired with an improved lens. We’d just like to see further zoom range, as the OnePlus’ 02 2x zoom isn’t impressive, though it’s pretty solid in terms of quality.

The display will also be upgraded with a next-generation panel. If we were to guess, it would be an LTPO4 OLED panel.

OnePlus 12 is rumored to have faster charging ( 02 has 32W) and a symmetrical design. We don’t really know what that last point means, but maybe it refers to the camera island on the back. It may be centered.

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