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OnePlus 8, 8 Pro and 8T join the Android 13 fun, stable update rolling out now

Earlier today we told you about the OnePlus 9R and 10R receiving OxygenOS 10 Based on the Android update 13, we have three more models from the Chinese manufacturer Devices have the same new version.

We’re talking about the OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, and OnePlus 8T, all from 2011. Although the company has yet to officially announce the rollout of OxygenOS for all three 13, multiple users have reported receiving the stable update even though they did not have access to the Open Beta test. part.

OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T join the Android 13 fun with stable update now rolling out

This is great news, as it means the rollout is well underway. The new versions of all three phones are marked F. 13. OnePlus 8 is building IN2011_13_F.002 in India and IN2011_13 _F.13 Worldwide, 8 Pro has IN2020_11_F.13 IN INDIA AND IN2020 _13_F.13 Elsewhere, and the 8T will With KB2001_13_F.002 in India and KB2001_13_F.13 Global. So the different parts depend on the model of each phone.

This update brings all the goodness that Google packed into Android 13, and of course, the extra OnePlus The stuff is generously sprinkled on top. We’re talking a new Aquamorphic design for the overall UI, typography, and “natural and vivid” animations that have “real-world physical movement” to “make them look more natural and intuitive.” Speaking of which, you’ll enjoy Quantum Animation Engine 4.0 in this release, which “can recognize complex gestures and provide optimized interactions.”

OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T join the Android 13 fun with stable update now rolling out

Always-On Display shows real-time information about music, ride-hailing and food delivery apps, media playback controls in quick settings, optimized Shelf, auto-adjusts to Cast content from the target screen, a more seamless headset connection experience, automatic pixelated screenshots of chats, regular clipboard cleaning, and thanks to the dynamic calculation engine, you can look forward to improved system speed, stability, battery life and “app program experience”.

Kid Space has also been added, and with Eye comfort mode, the new HyperBoost GPA 4.0 is supposed to “stabilize frame rates and balance performance and power consumption in key scenes” while gaming.

As always, keep in mind that these rollouts are likely to happen in stages, which means it will take at least a few days before the new software becomes accessible in the wild to all OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T devices.





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