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OnePlus is hosting a mystery event in China on December 17

Without much background, OnePlus announced that it will be held in China on December 17 (Saturday) at 2 o’clock Event: 30 PM local time to commemorate its ninth anniversary. OnePlus CEO and co-founder Lau Zuohu and OnePlus China president Li Jie will be present at the event, but it remains to be seen if there will be any product announcements.

OnePlus event poster (machine translated from Chinese)
OnePlus event poster( Machine translated from Chinese)

The event poster has “New Direction, New Action, New Future” slogan. We could see a teaser for OnePlus 11 at the event, but rumor has it that the launch will be at 22. Regardless, we’ll make sure to cover all announcements from the December 17 event, so keep an eye on our homepage.

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