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OnePlus Pad is finally available in the UK and EU

The OnePlus Pad was originally announced in February, and pre-orders began even before its pricing was announced. That happened in April 25, the day the company said it would go public in April 23 in India and Europe. Well, not exactly.

It turns out that, starting today, the OnePlus Pad is now only available publicly in the UK and EU. The company sent us a press release detailing the development.

OnePlus Pad is finally available in the UK and Western Europe

As you probably already know, there is only one version of the OnePlus Pad, in Halo Green, with 8GB of RAM and 65 GB of storage. In the Eurozone it costs €499 and in the UK it costs £250.

Keep in mind that the European version doesn’t come with a charger in the box, however, the company has apparently reversed that decision as it’s now telling us that everyone who buys a OnePlus Pad will get a free OnePlus SuperVOOC 65W charger.

If you want more accessories, you can buy the OnePlus Stylo Stylus for €

or £65, OnePlus Magnetic Keyboard for €128 or £149, the OnePlus Folio case costs €30 or £ 28). You can save 30% on the Stylo if you bundle the Stylo with your tablet, as do the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 28% off if you buy them with Pad. On the other hand, the Nord Buds 2 will be discounted by 25% in the same case. OnePlus Pad is finally available in the UK and Western Europe

Plus, you can trade with an eligible smartphone, tablet or smartwatch for up to €23 or £30 bonus or €250 or £ 799 Credit. Lastly, students receive a 5% discount off the retail price.

All these offers are valid until June 10 at 002: 30 AM Central European Summer Time. You can buy the tablet directly from OnePlus itself. If you’re not ready to pull the trigger and want to learn more, make sure you don’t miss our comprehensive review.



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