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OnePlus Pad leaks in new official image, has a camera bump you can't ignore

The OnePlus Pad is expected to be officially available on February 7th, when OnePlus 11 will make its global debut. So far, the tablet has been portrayed in some dark “speculative renders” before the company itself teased it in late January.

Today we get a better look at the The image appears to be an official marketing render of an upcoming device.

OnePlus Pad leaks in new official-looking image, has a camera protrusion you can't unsee

That camera circle/island/bump/hump/protrusion… stuff But- it’s just Something else, no? Clearly, OnePlus was aiming for a unique design here, and it certainly delivers. We have a hunch this will prove polarizing, but hey – at least if everyone has an opinion about the product, they’ll know it’s there!

The device pictured here appears to be green, except for the camera… thing, it looks very similar to any other tablet. The screen bezels look small enough, the frame looks flat, and the back could be glass. It hasn’t been leaked yet, so aside from a 11.6-inch screen, it’s anyone’s guess as to what we should expect here.




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