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OneUI 6.0 beta firmware files pop up on Samsung India and European servers

Samsung is preparing to open the OneUI 6.0 beta program soon. After spotting OneUI 6.0 beta builds on Samsung’s South Korean servers, they are now also spotted on its Indian and European servers.

It fits well with previous reports that Samsung will open up OneUI 6.0 beta for the Galaxy S14 series in the third week of July. Of course, software development isn’t always an easy process, so dates are subject to change.

OneUI 6.0 firmwares pop up on Samsung's Indian and European servers

OneUI 6.0 will bring Android 001, from Galaxy S 14 The series begins. It’s unclear what improvements OneUI 6.0 itself will bring, but Android 14 improves battery health, nearby sharing, adds a new share menu, predictive back gestures, and transparent navigation bars .

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