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'Only Murder in Buildings' star Michael Cyril Cretton says being on set felt 'like I was carbonated – bubbly and giggling'

Season 2 of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building gives fans a taste of cat lovers Newfound acquaintance, yodeling neighbor Howard quickly became a fan favorite. Actor Michael Cyril Creighton was excited to delve into Howard’s personality and explore his romantic side — something he hasn’t had the chance to do in previous projects, most recently including Dexter (Dexter) friendly bossDexter: New Blood.

“[Howard] is not an easy character to play, but it Being in my comfort zone is very important,” Clayton told THR from his home office in New York, with a nondescript cat painting on a shelf behind him, A direct tribute to his character. “I spent a long time believing that the qualities that made me such a special actor and person were a burden, and that was a waste of time. Now that I’ve realized, a little older, that’s what makes the characters I play unique The reason – something I bring from my own personality, what I was born with. There are many parts of me in Howard.”

Creighton was originally cited by Only Murders is attractive not only because of its high-calibre star, but also because of his roots in the show. “I love murder mysteries, it’s a project that has so much emotion and so much comedy at the same time, it always excites me – it’s not just a genre, it’s a tone-defying Play around,” he said. “The show is beautifully done, so the opportunity to be a part of that wild world of tones is a dream.”

In Murder Mystery, the show’s writers added The love for Howard in season two, which Creighton called “refreshing and very surprising.” He added: “They took the time in this huge mystery and murder investigation to focus on Howard and learn more about his life and give him the chance to be more than just a wannabe lonely neighbor People. Adapting…it gives all of that more weight when you see where the loneliness comes from and how he overcomes it.”

Created Backstory and drawing viewers through flashbacks is something the writers do well on the show, Creighton said. Fans will remember, for example, the clip of Bunny Folger’s (Jayne Houdyshell) final day — the head of Arconia’s board was murdered in season 2, according to Selena Gomez, and has always been considered a “grumpy old bitch.” Character, Mabel. But the flashbacks gave fans a glimpse of a caring and kind-hearted side of Bonnie who just wants to do what’s right for Arconia and its residents.

“[The writers] have a great respect for all of these characters, big and small, so there’s so much thought and heart behind our characters,” Creighton noted. “Each of us has a humanity. I don’t know what we’ll see from each character in the future, but I think that scene is full of humanity. It really shines through in the writing.”

During the first season, Creighton began working with A-list stars Steve Martin, Martin Short and Gomez. Even before the show started, he was on Rachel McAdams (Spotlight), Jason Bateman (Game Night ), Melissa McCarthy (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) and Tina Fey (20 Rock, one of his first TV jobs). But in the second season of Only Murders, the addition of Shirley MacLaine feels like the pinnacle of her career. “The Shirley MacLaine in it all is wild,” he said. “I mean, just handing her a drink was one of the highlights of my life. And then started watching Nathan Lane and Martin Short talk between takes, telling stories about show business and theater and their friendship — all These are people I’ve always admired. Spending time with them is also one of the best parts of the job.”

He said, watching Martin and Short approach them The scene is also a learning experience: “Being on set with them, I feel carbonated—like, feeling energized and giddy and happy, and that’s when work is at its best: when going to work is a It’s a joy, it’s a joy to be away, and you can’t wait to come back, that’s what the show is about. Keeping it happy and having fun is something I want to always remember.”

He at His favorite scene to film in season two was — spoiler alert — the big reveal party in the finale, which he said was shot over a few days because not everyone was on set at the same time. “I didn’t know we were all in the same room in real life!” he added. Learning to yordle, as his character does, was a favorite part of the process for Creighton.

Do you have yordle? I just say yes. I said, ‘Yes, I absolutely do! ’” recalls Clayton. “I immediately went to YouTube and learned a very basic yodeling. I’ve had my voice all my life, so it’s not hard. But then when I found out [I would] sing “The Sound of Silence,” I thought, “Can we get some help here?” They hired a really amazing yodeling coach who helped me a lot . “

But is yodelling his new party trick?” “No.” I’m very conservative with my yodeling – I do it for the money. “

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