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Open Naomi Pierce's Billionaire Chic Mullet in 'Inheritance'

“When Annabelle took on the role in Season 2 of Succession, I thought: ‘This is a very WASP-y, very Smart New England family … let’s do something conservative,” he said. That’s why when we first meet Naomi Pierce, she has a polite side-split lob. By season 3, the replacement was spending more and more time in New York. Her bob needed to be sharp: Dexter-Jones dropped an inch and a half of cream-blonde hair off the living room floor.

As season 4 filming neared, a curveball came. The actress rocked a jet-black bob for various on-screen roles. As Javier said: “I can’t let Naomi Pierce just cut any

short hair and have the best bob of my career!”

Javier requests a mullet.

“I don’t think so…” Dexter-Jones repeated.

” Did I say ‘mullet’? I meant “mu-llet mignon” like in French Same as “cute mullet” in . good ,” she said.

Admittedly, mullets get a bad rap. (I don’t want to throw Pat Sharp under the bus, but: Pat Sharp). Unlike its predecessors, the Naomi Pierce Mullet looks neither dirty nor dirty; it needs to be “rich.” After all, this is a hairstyle that deliberately sits behind the ears so as not to obscure expensive earrings. So, what should we ask of our hairstylists?




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