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'Oppenheimer' New York red carpet canceled due to SAG-AFTRA strike

Following Thursday’s announcement that SAG-AFTRA will join the WGA picket line, thereby banning actors’ photogenic work and promotional events, red carpet events have begun to cancel.

Special Operation: Lioness Premiere, Set for July 17 in Los Angeles, featuring Zoe Saldaña, Lesla de Oliveira (Laysla De Oliveira), Nicole Kidman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Kelly, the first rug to be discarded, followed by Oppenheimer’s red carpet in New York, scheduled for July .

“In support of the ongoing Screen Actors Guild Strike, Oppenheimer filmmakers will not A New York premiere is planned, and will instead, be shown to celebrate the crew and craftsmen who contributed to making this landmark film,” Universal said in a statement.

events on the calendar (currently) including Disney’s “Haunted House” premieres Saturday at Disneyland, and the studio is moving forward with that premiere without a star, as well as its Los Angeles premiere. Screening the work of July 17 Minx .

The strike began at midnight on Friday, with actors taking to the picket line that morning. According to the guidelines, the union’s 17, affected Members are prohibited from working on- and off-camera at all major events, such as voice-overs and narration, and participation in promotional events, including premieres, interviews, festivals, FYC events, award shows, and podcasts. The London premiere of “Oppenheimer” barely finished in time after Universal extended the carpet time by an hour to allow the star cast to take photos and give interviews before the strike took effect. Stars Emily Blunt, Matt Damon and Cillian Murphy walked out of the event ahead of the screening.

SAG-AFTRA announces work stoppage after talks with Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers Wednesday night hesitated. The group representing studios and streamers said it “proposed a deal that would provide historic compensation and residual increases, a substantial increase in pension and health contribution caps, audition protections, shortened episode selection periods, and protection of cast numbers.” A groundbreaking artificial intelligence proposal for the likeness of the A.I..” SAG-AFTRA Chairman Fran Drescher called the proposal “insulting and disrespectful of our enormous contribution to the industry” and criticized “how they donate hundreds of millions of dollars to the CEO An excuse. That’s disgusting. Shame on them. They’re on the wrong side of history at this moment.”



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