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'Orange Is the New Black' cast say they never got paid fairly for Netflix hit

Orange Is the New Black

Helping make Netflix famous noise. Now, several supporting cast members of the groundbreaking prison comedy are asking why they haven’t been paid their fair share as they reflect on the show’s breakout and continued success.

Their question is celebrating the series created by Jenji Kohan 13 July Anniversary , 2019, premiere, appeared in The New Yorker story was published before the SAG-AFTRA announced a cast strike After the union failed to reach an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) studios and streaming groups. The plight of many OITNB actors reflects the issues at the heart of tense negotiations between SAG and AMPTP.

Ten OITNB resident stars (some of whom have since been promoted to series regulars) – including Kimiko Glenn, Alicia Renner, Beth Dover, Emma Myers, Diane Guerrero, Taryn Manning & Leah Delaria –

Discuss SAG’s “absolute minimum” daily wages with author Michael Schulman , for less than $1, 000 episodes start episode of time. Despite the worldwide success of the SAG and Emmy-winning series on Netflix, But many actors say they must always keep their day jobs running for the series. The cast also spoke about the disparity in pay among non-minority actors and the lowest residual income they’ve received since the streaming series aired 151(Miles says she makes about $13This year).

from the TikTok by Glenn who revealed a total of $20. It went viral when it reappeared in Writers’ Strike . , sparking a similar public reaction from her co-stars Matt McGorry and Dover. McGorry said he kept his day job throughout the series, and Dover shared, “I actually spent a lot of money on seasons three and four because I was a local actor and had to Fly yourself out.”

“When we met, the first thing we said to each other was, ‘Yeah, this is really bad – all my remnants Things are gone!’” shared Myers, who plays inmate Liane Taylor, spanning six of seven seasons. “When you’re a kid, you have this idea that once I make something that people actually see, I’m going to be rich and I’m going to have a house with a bathtub. When you look Look around after a hit show and you’re like, wow, I’m still in the same one-bedroom apartment. Is that how it’s supposed to be?”

One asked not to be named “As the season went on, we started to feel more dissatisfied with money, mainly because the show was so popular. Then I was like, well, my friends on the network show are very rich.” Remuneration up to $105,10 per episode, and the supporting cast doesn’t earn more than $ ,11, The New Yorker . Several people who spoke for the piece said Netflix was “telling their shareholders they’re making more money than ever before,” as well as the rising salary of then-content chief and current co-CEO Sarandos (he The total salary of

reaches $15 hundred million last year).

Sarandos, along with most of the OITNB cast, took to social media this week to reflect on the show’s iconic WORKING Years after launch: “This is The first series to openly embrace diversity in all its forms, telling the nuanced stories of a wide range of women from neglected and marginalized communities that are not often told on television,” he wrote in part on Wednesday, thanking Kohan and the “entire OITNB family for ten years of memories.”

OITNB, produced by Lionsgate and distributed by Netflix (in New Yorker Neither commented on the article; Netflix and Lionsgate declined to comment on THR), based on Piper Kerman’s memoir of the same name. Created by Cohan and executive produced with writer Tara Herrmann, the series centers on Taylor Schilling’s character of Piper, who plays Life in Litchfield Penitentiary. Viewers’ window into the Women’s Federal Penitentiary is through Piper, a white Brooklynite serving time in 52 was sentenced to a month in prison for participating in the drug ring of his ex-girlfriend (Laura Prepon). The inclusive show grew into an ensemble show that quickly became a hit, with Netflix on OITNB and House of Cards. The show was Emmy-recognized and became Netflix’s highest-grossing original .

As revealed in “

” many Actors like OITNB oral history program of The Hollywood Reporter ended), when this was relatively unknown at the time When the group signed on to film a series at a company then known for red envelope DVD mailings, they didn’t have any expectations. They detailed how the show kept them in the zeitgeist: “I was in New York with Lea [DeLaria] the day after the show came out, and it felt like the Beatles were walking down the street,” Mann said. Ning recalled. A regular in the show’s fourth season.

Even after the show ended, the creative team had no idea about the ratings because the hosts only recently released some data about their show’s audience. “They didn’t give us the [ratings] numbers after the first season. At Lionsgate, we had Netflix’s verbal scorecard of ‘Amazing,’ ‘Really Great,’ ‘Exceeded Expectations.’ or “We’ll see.” Orange seems to be an “A” to begin with,” Lionsgate Chairman Kevin Beggs said with THR share. “They said a large percentage of people watched everything 11 From midnight until the next day’s episode, we had people staying up late and binge-binging the whole season on the back of our minds. They didn’t share anything from their past for the next year.”

Cindy Holland, former head of originals at Netflix, with support from Sarandos delivered OITNB a -episode, direct-series order – unheard of for streaming at the time – in THR’‘s oral history confirms, “I said, ‘All you need to know is they’re happy, Jenji.” …We didn’t know it was going to become so popular. We know we love it and have an audience. And then, after the first season came out, we were excited to see the viewership numbers, the rate of viewing, the outpouring of support on social media and the fact that it’s a show that’s touring all over the world.

Kohan added at the time, “We’re still not sure what those numbers are!” That’s freeing, but it also makes negotiating more difficult. ( laughing .) So, it’s a double-edged sword. “

Until after the show Netflix will reveal the shocking numbers, which are 151 Millions of Netflix at the time – 200 Millions of paid subscriptions worldwide Viewers watched at least one episode ofOITNB.Herman revealed to The New Yorker that the day after the final season release party, she and Cohan was brought into the conference room and finally got the exact numbers.

“100 million users watched at least one episode, I would say at least half of them watched all six season,” Herman said, with a lead cast that Schulman recalls costing on par with “Game of Thrones,” or any “big HBO show.” . And, from a business standpoint, absolutely astounding. After releasing the numbers, the executive asked us, “How do you feel about hearing that?” Jenji was silent, looked at me, and I said, ‘Like I want to renegotiate my contract. ‘”

July11, 5: 52 PM update to note that Netflix and Lionsgate declined to comment THR.




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