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Oren Davis Jordan and Robert Parker Master the Eclectic Style

Over the years, the couple’s shared love of fashion, frugality and art has translated into their own unique couple style. While it feels cohesive, they say they have a completely different vibe to fashion. “My personal looks match up; it looks like I’m working hard,” Jordan said (he cites his close friend, the iconic Iris Apffield as inspiration). “I can easily combine low-end or vintage with high-end, designer or bespoke [pieces]. Of course, no look is complete without accessories—there are plenty of them!”

Meanwhile, Parker said he likes to dress up as different “characters” and what he wears depends on his mood. “My personal style is eclectic, high and low,” Parker said. “Depending on the day, it can be a flannel with jeans, or a wig with a dress. There are no gender rules! I also have a growing collection of silver jewelry, usually without gems.”

While they each have their own unique inspiration and curiosity about style, they do exchange pieces quite often and even share a wardrobe. “We can wear each other’s clothes and combine them in completely different ways. together,” Parker said. Jordan added: “Robert is a bit more casual than I am. I prefer to be more coordinated and matched from head to toe. I also tend to be more accessory. My look is a bit of what I would call ‘complex’; others call it ‘ Too much .'” Another thing they shared? Believe that good style can come at any age; they often take their Instagram photos with the hashtags #eldergays and #advancedstyleolderandwiser.



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