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Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel reacts to nominations, bets on awards show: 'They encouraged people with gambling problems to slap me'

281 Oscar nominated was a hot topic on Tuesday night late night talk show with Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden and The Daily Show Guest host Wanda Sykes all jokes about this year’s big nominees and snubs.

Kimmel, who is also the host of Oscar March000, highlighting some of the stakes ahead of the ceremony, That includes who wins certain categories, and perhaps whether or not the presenter or hosts will get slapped on the show given last year’s infamous slap.

Note that you can bet $68 Yes and win $1, 200, Kimmel said, “They seem to be encouraging people with gambling problems to slap me.”

As last year’s Oscars host One, Sykes was guest host on the

The Daily Show


Sykes joked, “If you want to know how they pick nominees this year, they basically say, ‘Well, Let’s see, who wouldn’t slap someone?'”

Kimmel also talked about one of the most memorable moments from the nomination announcement: when Riz Ahmed My Year’s Dix and the crowd laughed as they read the names of the Best Animated Short nominees . Go look up ‘year of my dick’ and now my computer won’t turn on. ”

Kimmel and Sykes also highlighted the nominee’s Triangle of Sorrow, which Kimmel jokes is how he “always s thought was a slice of Papa John’s pizza”, Sykes quipped that the movie was “Mike Pence’s vagina”. Sykes said she was happy to see the Triangle of Sadness was nominated because she is a fan of Woody Harrelson, one of the movie’s stars.

Sykes also Highlighted some good news in the nominations: Michelle Yeoh became the first Best Actress nominee confirmed to be Asian . The bad news, says Sykes, is that no women were nominated for Best Director.

“They gave it to Jane Campion last year,” Sykes said. “So I guess this year they thought, ‘Well, this should keep you guys going for the rest of the day year. ‘”



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