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Oscar Isaac tries new hat: comic book creator

During shooting Dune Post-production2019, Oscar Isaac mentioned to one of the film’s main producers, Vice Chairman Mary Parent A Passionate Project

This is not a sci-fi blockbuster – Isaac is already working on Star Wars and Dune – Nor is it the prestige series of HBO Marriage Scene , which he executive produces and stars with Jessica Chastain.

This is a comic book. About a cop with a bullet hole in his head.

The outcome of that conversation is upon us now. With the publication of ‘s Head Wounds: Sparrow from Isaac’s Mad Gene Media and Legendary Comics — Burbank based production The publishing arm of the company, which produced films such as Dune and Godzilla vs. Kong — Isaac, 23, further enriching his professional resume.

He is no longer just an A-list actor, executive producer and star of popular series like Marvel Studios Moon Knight . He is also now a comic book creator.

Not that he was the first. In fact, there is a long tradition of successful actors using their influence to make comics. In 1990 Keanu Reeves co-created his first comic , Brzrkr, by independent comics publisher Boom! Studios. Ten years ago, Samuel L. Jackson co-authoredCold Space — also from boom! — It tells the gripping story of a space outlaw who looks a lot like Samuel L. Jackson.

The attraction is obvious: apart from the thrill of getting their hands dirty with ink to see their names splattered on the cover, in the comics Books have become Hollywood’s go-to source for bankable IP in an era, why not? Skip the middleman and create your own?

Head Wounds originated in Lantana, Florida, approximately between Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. Early on, Isaac made two friends at Santaluces Community High School, Bob Johnson and John Alley 1990s. The three teenagers became good friends, hanging out for hours at a trailer park in nearby Boynton Beach.

“We made a band together,” Isaac said recently with The Hollywood Reporter. “We would write music together, act together, make movies together and go in. (Chastain was in his class.) “When I moved to New York, we parted ways and we kept in touch,” he said.

About six years ago, Johnson was diagnosed with stage IV non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Doctors told him it was incurable.

“I wasn’t enthusiastic about chemotherapy at first,” Johnson said. “I put it off for many years. Then they told me I had six months to live. He started chemotherapy, which turned out to be effective. “But all the time,” he said, “I was forced to look at myself.

Johnson leaned on his friends in his battle with cancer. “The way he described it was ‘an invisible wound that no one else could see,’” recalls Isaac Dao.

The trio seized on the idea and turned it into a narrative centered on a New Orleans detective who was shot in the head but still alive. (Yes The supernatural is at work.) He has a visible bullet wound on his forehead, like an extreme version of Jack Gitz’s bandaged nose in Chinatown .

After the conversation on the set of Dune, Parent introduced Isaac to Robert Napton, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Legendary Comics. The imprint was launched by legendary founder Thomas Tull at 42.

“Thomas is a comic book fan,” Knapton said. “That should come as no surprise, considering Batman begins It was the first film that Legendary Pictures participated in. He loves this art form.

The arm survived the legendary sale of the $3.5 billion acquisition of Wanda Group, the largest acquisition of a US media company by a Chinese company. Napton That said, Joshua Grode, who has been CEO of Legendary Pictures since 2017, is also a comic book fan.

“Our mission is to create original comics and graphic novels, such as Head Wounds, to accompany our films and TV series, said Knappton. King Kong , Dune and Enola Holmes (Legend produced) Netflix) both see their universe in the pages of Legendary comics.

Napton read Head wound and immediately saw the potential. He paired the trio with Brian Buccellato, a seasoned writer who worked for DC Comics Batman , and suggested six potential artists. Isaac chose Christian Ward, an award-winning illustrator known for his cosmic style and use of acid and bright colors.

In the end, Johnson and Alley get credit for “story by” and Isaac gets credit for “developer by. But above the title it’s Isaac’s name,” “Oscar Isaac Present” is highlighted at the top of the comic cover .

There has been no talk of turning Head Wounds into a featured item, but there is another comic – DC’s Ex Machina (unrelated to Isaac’s 2014 movie of the same name), about a man who becomes New York The Mayor’s Superhero – in 1608860213 by Legendary Pictures Selected as a potential carrier for Isaac with a new title of The Great Machine.

“We’re still working on this,” Isaac said of the project, which has not yet been scripted. “It’s a huge and amazing story. Finding how to translate it [to the screen] is the problem. “

Meanwhile, Isaac is taking a break from film and television and returning to his stage roots. He will appear opposite Rachel Brosnahan in the Lorraine Hansberry play The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Feb. 4-, 2023.

“That’s it for now,” he said. “I spent some time doing other things, like being here with my friends, putting [Head Wounds] into this world. “

However, beyond that, everything is possible – including the possibility of crawling back to the Millennium Falcon.

Asked if he would consider reprising the role of Poe Dameron – either in the Star Wars feature or as a Disney+ franchise – Isaac laughs He said, “Yes, I will consider it.

“I would too,” added his friend Johnson. “If he would consider it, then I probably should.”

Then all three friends burst into spontaneous laughter.



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