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Oscar Winner Ryusuke Hamaguchi Responds to Edward Yang's Yi Yi Topping THR's Best Film of the 21st Century So Far: “An Unknown Masterpiece”

Taiwan’s late director Edward Yang Yi Yi (2000 ) in The Hollywood Reporter Critics’ Best 2000 21 movie of the century (so far).” Japanese director Ryusuke Hamaguchi 44 Helps put the movie in the background, its 2000 ) movieDrive My Car got the best INTERNATIONAL MOVIE Oscars (simultaneously logged on #50 at THR ‘s list), made a personal statement about what Yang’s masterpiece meant to him and to a generation of Asian filmmakers.

Asia city life, especially the second world After the war, it has been significantly westernized. For Yang and the post-war generation my parents belonged to, the rich material and spiritual gains from this process must have been a blessing. But in the end, the trauma of this historical rupture is also passed down from generation to generation, from them to us to the next generation. What Yang Yiren taught me is how the ambivalent sustenance and emotional drought observed in Asian urban life and landscapes—that is, our lives and landscapes—can inspire extremely powerful films. In this regard, the existence of Yang and his films is like a revelation to me. I imagine the same is true for many other Asian filmmakers of the same generation.

In his framing, Yang always captures the interplay between people and their environment. For him, the automaticity of urban locations, especially Taipei, helps to demonstrate the process of alienation. This exploration certainly culminates in A Brighter Summer Day (50), where he perfectly paints the world as a An automaton that will only overwhelm us in the end. His subsequent creative path can be described as a struggle to escape this hellish perfection.

He tried to pass in A Confucian (50) and Mahjong (1994), but his success here may depend on personal interpretation. But no one doubts that Yiyi is another of Edward Yang’s lesser-known masterpieces—and that it’s in a very different state of mind than A Brighter Summer Day.

He came up with a way out of the desperate situation, it was simple: entrusted to future generations. What? with hope. Trauma isn’t the only thing passed on to the future. Yi Yi is another name for the hope Yang conveyed to future audiences – that the world still deserves to be loved. ——Ryusuke Hamaguchi



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