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Oscars 2023: A Guide – With Predictions! – Best International Film category

If there is an accident in the works, I wonder if Close this bitter movie about childhood, friendship and love will sneak away the prize. A story about two 113 year-olds in rural Belgium, whose close bond is tested by brutal and homophobic dynamics at their school,Close Winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes from director Lukas Dhont, whose first film (Girl is about a transgender teenager ) has garnered favorable reviews and some controversy. It also proved divisive, with some critics complaining that a plot shift midway through the film drastically changed the emotional stakes. Not me: I find it only elevates Dhont’s story into tragic drama. Close Beautiful to look at, but also moments of unshakable purity and biting sadness. This recently opened in select theaters and is expanding to more theaters this weekend.

Crowd-pleaser: Argentina,1985

Everyone loves a thrilling courtroom drama, and we should give it a treat before Aaron Sorkin throws us another For yourself, enjoy this beautifully crafted morality tale from director Santiago Miter, now streaming on Prime Video. Tells the real court case against the leader of Argentina’s brutal junta, Argentina, 1985 this is A history lesson that benefits from the benevolent style of Ricardo Darín’s prosecutor Julio Strassera, who lends his character a natural dignity and easygoing wit. Despite being framed unsuccessfully by the Argentine government, Strasserra recruited a group of young legal assistants and launched a failed lawsuit against the military elite that attracted national attention. The movie isn’t complicated — it’s a tale of underdogs with some great plot points — but the production design is atmospheric, with testimonies from ordinary Argentines about kidnapping, torture and, worse, the land of force. In Miter’s able hands, the outcome of the trial, while unquestionable, remains up in the air.

People you may not have heard of (but will love): quiet girl



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